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Jainism And The Five Basic Human Values (Booklet)

by Swami Dharmananda Jain

One of the tasks before us is the visible demonstration of the old Upanishadic dictum that Truth is one and the sages call it by various names. Baba also says that all religions teach the same fundamental human values of Truth, Righteous Conduct, Love, Non-violence and Peace.

The challenge is to prove these assertions by quoting chapter and verse from the scriptures of the great world religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism. In order to prove Baba's assertion beyond the possibility of any doubt, we have commissioned learned practitioners of different religions to write about how the five human values are treated in their particular religion.

We are grateful to Swami Dharmananda Jain for having undertaken this labour of love, for the welfare of humanity in general, as far as Jainism is concerned. We hope that this Publication will be of use to the practitioners of different religions in this difficult attempt to see the underlying unity among all world faiths.

We can set up the edifice of inter-faith harmony on such publications as these.

Lt.Gen. (Dr.) M.L.Chibber, Convener has been a great tower" of strength. Other members of the Committee of Management have also contributed in their own ways to the bringing out of this Publication.

We are grateful to Prof. N.K.Ambasht, Mrs. Progya Shankar and Ms. Anju Sharma for help in editing the manuscript for publication. Lt. Col.G.C.Khosla and Col. Virendra Prasad have provided valuable administrative support.


March 2008

Publisher: Col. G. C. Khosla on behalf of Sri Sathya Sai International Centre for Human Values
Edition: First Edition, 2008
Pages: 56
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