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Why Meditate? (2008) (Softcover)

by Acharya Mahaprajna

Many are those who ask this fundamental question, "Why Meditate?" This book is an attempt to answer them. Modern education has defined all knowledge as that learned by the rational mind. It does not take into account the knowledge that lies beyond the mind. This kind of mind, educated in the contemporary world needs logic to convince it and lead it to meditation. It is also one, which is fragmented and restless and so needs meditation more than anything eise. This book caters to them giving the scientific reasons for meditation to appeal to the mind that rests purely on logic.

The knowledge of meditation and experience lies in practice, not in bookish knowledge or logic. Meditation is not linked to youth or old age. It is the way to the inner seif, the way to assess the inner world. The man who has been able to estimate the value of the inner world will move ahead on the path of progress, both in the spiritual realm and in the world we live in. But one who has not assessed the inner world, but has concentrated on the world of circumstances alone, will not be able to take the lead, will not be able to inspire.

This book is for those who wish to live witb equanimity, self-assurance and confidence but without tension or heartburn.

Sudhamahi Regunathan

Publisher: Preksha International, Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun, Rajasthan (INDIA)
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