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Padmaraja Pandita: 1861-1945 Doyen of Vision (Softcover)

by Hampa Nagarajaiah

Those who had close contacts with Padmaraja Pandita, while recollecting the vignettes of his colourful long life, happily speak of his peace-radiating and yet commanding personality. What made him very different from his contemporaries was his wisdom, foresight, fervour for research and commitment to prepare the ground for subsequent generations. He gave courage to build leadership, to fight for survival in the face of adversity. Setting aside his brilliant academic and literary achievements, his contribution to the social awareness of his Community was extraordinary and significant. Padmaraja Pandita can rightly be described as the Pioneer of Printing and Publishing in the late 19th and in the early 20th Century. It should be said to his credit that the Community did not produce another Pandit of his stature!

Publisher: Dr. M. Byregowa for K.S. Muddappa Smaraka Trust-Krishnapuradoddi #119
Edition: First Edition, 2009
Pages: 68
Dimensions: 14.00 x 21.50 x 0.70 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 110 g