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Steering The Wheel of Dhamma (Hardcover)

by Acharya Mahaprajna

Acharya Sri Tulsi's personality is a I complex one, subsuming within itself pairs of opposites. In it we find established the significance of the doctrine of non-absolutism (Anekantavada). Radiantly shining like the sun, and yet more amiable than the moon - it can be viewed from both angles. In the history of the religious world for the past many centuries, his is a rare personality. Acharya Sri's life-story marks a new blossoming of Indian consciousness. So I long a monk-life, so prolonged a reign as Acharya, such a long padyatra (foot-journey), such extensive contact with the public, such an effort for bringing about an i awakening among the people, so much exertion, such spiritual development, such an amount of literary creation, the shaping of so many personalities - all this is, in fact, most remarkable. The story of Acharya Sri's life is a huge piece of writing lit with the alphabet of surprises. After having read it, a man experiences new longings, new inspirations, and his life is suffused with a new energy of light. The life of a spiritual person is not generally very eventful. It can be portrayed in brief. Acharya Sri's life contradicts that tradition. There is to be found in it a chain of events. Each event is touched by a lively personality. The compilation of all the events is not at all possible. The aim of the present work is merely to point in that direction.

Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun, India
Editor: Muni Dulahraj (Hindi), Muni Mahendra Kumar (English)
Translator: Dr. R. K. Seth
Edition: First Edition, 1994
ISBN: 81-7195-035-3
Pages: 344
Dimensions: 16.30 x 25.10 x 2.80 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 750 g