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Jeevan Vigyan : A Resolve to Build a Healthy Society (Softcover)

by Acharya Mahaprajna

Jeevan Vigyan in Educational Context
A Means of Personality Development

Some passengers alighted from a boat. They had to reach a village. They asked a man, 'Can we reach the village by sunset?' The man replied, 'You can if you walk slowly but not if you walk fast.' Altogether contrary advice!

Some of them began walking fast. The way was uneven and rocky. One by one they fell down, got hurt and stopped advancing further.

Today people have become acutely speed-minded, but often the fast pace proves counter-productive. With increasing advance of technology, man has been compelled to look back and has come to realize that the so-called progress has in some sense meant retrogression. In fact he has been left behind and the robot has stolen a march over him. The computer has enslaved him. In other words, the machine has got the better of man. It is the outcome of the speed mania.

The heart of the matter concerns 'change' or 'transformation'. Many years ago Acharya Tulsi felt the need for a religious revolution. Preksha Dhyan, Anuvrat, Jeevan Vigyan are all steps in that direction. Everyone is acquainted with Anuvrat and even Preksha Dhyan is gaining popularity, but Jeevan Vigyan is practically unknown. It has become a source of religious revolution. Normally a religious person talks of the soul, over-soul and the world in a philosophic vein. It is the universal refrain of the religious world.

Jeevan Vigyan does not begin with the soul. It begins with the body and breath. We are firmly of the opinion that no one improperly acquainted with them can make the right assessment and know the soul and the over-soul. It may look like a reverse sequence, but it marks a turning point. All religious texts maintain that the body is defiled, unclean and impure. It has been stated and heard thousands of times. But viewed differently, it was found that there is no other means except the body to reach the soul and the oversoul. Therefore everything becomes meaningless if the body is not properly understood.

One wonders why the present education is unable to develop discipline, morality and refined character or good conduct. These qualities are missing in other fields too, but their absence in the field of education is painful because life and personality develop only through education. It appears that modern education gives a lot of importance to intellectual development and strives hard to achieve it, but ignores all other areas. It is obvious that intellectual development and argument power result in increased ability of doing both good and evil. At present, they are being used for bad purposes like theft, robbery etc. Intellection and logic are merely tools. They can be made as sharp as one likes. A knife can be used for both surgery and murder. Intellection and logic can also be used for either purpose. Philosophers have presented many solutions based on logic - in fact they have made philosophy logical. But nothing much is gained until philosophy itself becomes the solution.

Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun, India
Editor: Mundi Dulha Raj (Hindi Version), Muni Mahendra Kumar (English Version), S. L. Gandhi (English Versio
Translator: R. P. Bhatnagar
Edition: First Edition, 1999
Pages: 120
Dimensions: 13.90 x 21.20 x 0.70 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 158 g