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Insight - "Shemushi" (Softcover)

by Yuvacharya Mahashraman

I have written "Shemushi" in Sanskrit language for the benefit of the students with the view that this work will enable them to learn Sanskrit as well as help them in learning such instincts that build good characters. English translation of this book was was needed so that large section of the society get benifit. Samani Mudit Pragya has put her best efforts for translation. Indu Jain (Florida, USA) has also made valuable contribution. I hope this work will help readers to learn the values of character building together with knowledge of English language.

I wish my late guru Gnadhipati shri Tulsi and the present Acharya Shri Mahaprajna shall bestow their blessing on me directly as well as indirectly.

With all auspicious wishes,

Yuvaacharya Mahaashraman
Bhivandi (Mahaarastra) 14 May 2003

Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun, India
Edition: First Edition, 2003
Pages: 99
Dimensions: 13.90 x 21.40 x 0.60 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 149 g
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