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The Key to the Center of the Universe (Softcover)

by Hermann Kuhn

Time and again we receive fleeting impressions of other - strange – modes of our consciousness. We usually choose to ignore them...

1978 - while exploring an ancient Indian temple - Hermann Kuhn discovered an archaic manuscript with precise descriptions of these insights - and how they open access to magnificent, but unknown dimensions of human experience.

The Key to the Center of the Universe is the first practicable translation of this ancient manuscript.

We are just a hairbreadth away from fantastic new dimensions of our reality!

If our present reality reduces life to monotonous and dull routine, it pays to venture into hidden regions of our consciousness - to the most thrilling adventure of our life.

"The Key to the Center of the Universe is a roadmap to hidden dimensions of our consciousness. A great read for all seekers of truth and enlightenment"

- JOHN GRAY, bestselling Author

Publisher: Crosswind Publishing, Postfach 2210, 31505 Wunstorf
Edition: 200
ISBN: 3-9806211-8-9
Pages: 195
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