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The Philosophy Of Anuvrat (Booklet)

by Acharya Mahaprajna

The basis of society is inter-dependence. A man supports another and the other takes the support of another; this is inter-dependence. Regional basis is not the basis of society, but the bond of oneness. If a village is peopled by a thousand people, but they are not mutually bound with the thread of co-operation, we cannot call it a society. Bound with the thread of co-operation, even a group of five people makes a society .The last boundary of man is selfishness and the beginning of society is living for one another's sake. Whatever is selfishness, it is ours; living for one another's sake is co-peration. This very co-operation transforms a man's personality into a social form.

The socialist philosophy exhorts us that a man ought to merge himself fully with society, but it has never come about, and it can never be. Where a man is free to compete for material gains and his aim is merely material development, he cannot be one with society.

Although socialism or communism is the process of restraining selfishness, it does not have any strong source of controlling selfishness. It can be regarded as a procedural experiment but it cannot be accepted as a direct motivation for the restraint of selfishness. Under the socialist system, selfishness has been restrained by force, but this has not dried up the source of selfishness.

Publisher: Anuvrat Mahasamiti, New Dheli, India
Editor: Dr. Mahendra Karnawat
Translator: Dr. Narendra Sharma 'Kusum'
Edition: January 2013
Pages: 75
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