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Let Us Learn To Live (Softcover)

by Acharya Mahashraman

Living is fundamental to every creature born on this planet. For most species, from the minuscule to the gigantic, living is a primarily instinctual function — survival is an end in itself. Humans, however, are developmentally far advanced relative to other species. Their cognitive skill makes them distinctively different from the rest of the living world. With these abilities they are expected to accomplish much more than mere existence in life. A highly evolved intellect, refined psyche and discerning skills have given the human race not only thoughtfulness, but an opportunity to choose between a routine existence and a the "artistic" life. The key is to awaken our potential for such a life. This potential can be realized, with relative ease, through Dharma, and it yields rich results. We become serene, sincere, successful, and poised.

The greatest achievement in life is to master the art of living. I myself wish I could! In this book, I have made an attempt to shed light on some of the principles of a worthy, righteous and wholesome life. If my readers encounter some useful and nurturing pointers from it, then I would consider my effort has been indeed not in vain.

Sadhvi Jinaprabhaji worked diligently to prepare transcripts from my lectures. Significant effort was also put by Muni Kumar Shramanji to proof-read the original Hindi text. The task of translation and composition of this book in English was undertaken by Samani Sanmati Pragya. She was assiduously assisted by Mr. Chetan V. Sanghvi (San Francisco Bay Area), Dr. Sukh Sampat Mehta, MD (Southern California), and Ms. Sangeeta Mehta (New York). Prof. Glenn D. Paige of Center for Global Nonviolence- Honolulu, Dr. Anne Vallely of University of Ottawa, and Prof. Gary L. Francione, Rutgers University, School of Law also provided very valuable comments.

May the gracious blessings of H.H. Gurudev Tulsi and H.H.Acharya Mahapragya be with this book! I pray I will be endowed with their divinity and grace for ever.

Acharya Mahashraman

Publisher: Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun
Edition: 2. Edition, November 2011
ISBN: 81-7195-181-3
Pages: 63
Dimensions: 13.90 x 21.50 x 0.50 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 95 g
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